Here you may find a list of my composed works.
Clicking on a title will send you to a recording.

Hyachor – soprano & alto saxophone
Intermezzo in green – cello solo
Looking for the possible embrace – cello solo
Dancing with the inner silence – recorder (alto/contrabass)
“Body, remember” – a dialogue for one performer – cello & voice
Cappuchino – bass clarinet solo
Betowering – piano trio (amateur level)
Nocturne – piano solo
Beauty remains – violin, viola, and ‘cello
Delight – viola da gamba (bass viol) solo
Sakura – cello and music box
Ewigkeit in einem Augenzwinkern – medieval double recorder
A smudge of rain – tenor pan flute
Mermaid bubblegum – bass flute
Midsummer twilight – soprano and baritone
From between the cracks – oboe solo
A twinkle in the diamond eye of death – clarinet solo
Xi Què (Magpie) – recorded (C Paetzold / great bass in C)
Play – recorder and audience
Mandarin – violin, mandolin and voice

Smoke for strangers – (prepared) flute, violin and contrabass
Crossroads – viola da gamba, recorder, electric guitar and harpsichord

“To capture the heart” – cello & shakuhachi
Lingering warm air – cello sextet
Jitterbug Quartet – string quartet
Spell Cycle – one cellist
Triund – cello & piano

Herinnering der nachtfonteinen –  bariton, violin and piano
Eostre – cello duo
Little Things – clavichord
La Déesse – soprano and piano

Femme – harp solo
Introduction/Reflection – cello solo

Moon Suite – cello solo
Autumn Breaths – cello and harp

Being – two saxophones, recorder, cello, violin and vibraphone
Child – saxophone quartet

…when reality becomes mystery… – cello and sarangi

Piece for string quartet
Other Worlds – percussion trio
.L’S – recorder, saxophone, tzouras, double bass, frame drum
Synesthesia – three recorders, clarinet, two percussionists

composing in my natural environment - November 2018