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Moon Suite / “40 Ways of Being (a Woman)”

At the intersection of spring and (hopefully) post-covid renaissance, I am delighted to be playing for live audience again, in the oldest church of Amsterdam.

Playing in de Oude Kerk is almost like having a conversation with the space around me, blending with my own sound reflected off the oldest walls in town. A gorgeous acoustic is a true pleasure, and this one brings out the fragility and expressiveness of solo cello and the colours of my Moon Suite in such a way that I’m led to believe that this combination was meant to be.

The Moon Suite (solo cello, 2015) is a special piece for me: the first large work I wrote after graduating, my “coming-of-age” piece as a composer, a piece that linked two of my worlds (as a performer and creator of music). The piece is about many things, but especially about different aspects of being a woman and my experience of it. This is a theme that continues to intrigue and inspire me, and which will also form the core of “40 Ways of Being (a Woman)”.

As the name suggests, the Moon Suite is based on different moon phases – a narrative as cyclical as the reality of everyday feminine existence. In this time when the world is waking up again from a long hibernation, I am delighted to be bringing parts of it to life.

Concert on Friday 4 March 2022 8am, at de Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.

Over the summer, I wrote a playful and slightly mischievous piece for amateur Open Score ensemble. That means it’s playable by any instruments, to be determined by what happens to be available. It was a fun challenge.

I am delighted that my creation (which goes by the name of IKaggen) got selected for the final of CoMA’s composition competition (that’s “Contemporary Music for All”), and will be performed in Maastricht in March!

Read more here.

Ugly Pug / Crossroads – CD out now!

CD Digipak edition of Ugly Pug’s debut album #Crossroads (Olive Music/Etcetera Records) is now available to order here! I am delighted with this amazing recording of my work (Crossroads)by these gentlemen.

The extensive booklet includes, next to program notes and introductions of every composer, the ensemble and the musicians, beautiful and comprehensive liner notes by Sara Constant.

You can purchase or listen to it online or get a physical copy here.

Collaboration with Amaranti Ensemble

Amaranti Ensemble is a traverso (Baroque flute) & harpsichord duo based in the States. In the winter they got in touch, and asked me to write them a piece for their project “From Scapegoat to Feminist Icon – Reflections on Guinevere”. I am always delighted to meet musicians who actively promote female composers, and excited for our collaboration!

At first I was unfamiliar with the story of Guinevere (aka “King Arthur’s wife”) but soon learned that her character (in various retellings of the story over the course of a millenium) is a reflection of ideas about women. My Guinevere is a woman with strength and sex-appeal, but still unmistakably woman. I like how my work so often ends up being about what this means to me.

Read more about the project here.

Cello Museum

The Cello Museum is an initiative by two cellists based in the States: a website about all things cello.

What’s more, they feature unaccompanied cello music by women composed in their series “That’s what she said”. As a cellist and female composer, I can’t imagine a more perfect match! And am delighted to be included in their December issue.

Take a look