Author: wilmapistorius

Cello Museum

The Cello Museum is an initiative by two cellists based in the States: a website about all things cello.

What’s more, they feature unaccompanied cello music by women composed in their series “That’s what she said”. As a cellist and female composer, I can’t imagine a more perfect match! And am delighted to be included in their December issue.

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Jitterbug Quartet

The Dostojevski Kwartet are performing Jitterbug Quartet at the Strijkkwartet Biennale Amsterdam in Muziekgebouw aan’t Ij in January. I had an interesting conversation with the writer Frederike Berntsen about my music, and what it’s like to write a string quartet in this day and age. She will be writing an article for the festival book about me and three other composers.

photo by Tess Photography